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Making Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (JDEI) commonplace in the contingent workforce

Our Mission

The Contingent Workforce Inclusion Council (CWIC) was created in partnership to provide space for staffing businesses to collaborate and learn how to incorporate DE&I recruitment and retention strategies into their business practices and foster workplace inclusion within the contingent workforce ecosystem. We aim to make JDE&I commonplace in the contingent workforce - not just a differentiator, but the norm. 

Council membership is open to staffing suppliers (diverse and non-diverse) invested in fostering JDE&I and committed to ESG initiatives within their companies and client organizations.

Max of 2 members per company. Space is limited. You will be contacted in early Oct 2023 on the status of membership and meeting agenda.

CWIC Principals

Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the guiding principles of our council. Our council remains steadfast in our commitment to uphold these concepts, driving meaningful change and creating a better future for all within the staffing industry. 

Membership Responsibilities


Diverse and Non-Diverse staffing companies that show a commitment to implementing DEI strategies into their company.


Members must dedicate one year to the council and attend monthly meetings—Max of 2 members per company.


Participate in developing and learning JDEI strategies and resources that support all council members. 


Increase the knowledge base of industry suppliers and create a community that makes systemic change in the staffing industry.

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